Perspective 2011

The beginning of a new year makes me consider current developments on the market, and which of those might be of interest to me. It is also a kind of fresh start, an attempt at motivation that probably everybody needs in their job to enjoy working.

Sencha Touch

Mobile apps with HTML5 and CSS3, of course in fact cropped in their functionality, but development time and comfort just speak for themselves. Besides, it's cool ;). The API relies strongly on ExtJS, which is advantageous to me due to my previous knowledge.

ExtJS 4

A new version of ExtJS? It can only improve a lot. ExtJS3 is very professional already. I'm looking forward to possibly employing it in two of my current projects.


Javascript on the server, AJAX push/pull, server load relieving...... there is an interesting technology indeed in the offing.


Since I am currently working more with Zend Framework, i.e. PHP, I'm quite enthusiastic about Twig, because it reminds me a lot of Zope page templates, and of the beautiful world of Python.

Zend Framework 2

The admittedly very useful and convenient PHP framework, completely overhauled. /me in sceptical but eager anticipation.

Bluebream 1.0

(formerly Zope 3) Will Bluebream become the more organized Zope3?

Amazon Web Services

It would appeal to me to use more AWS services than heretofore, to fully exploit this scalability. At the same time trying out possible alternative providers.


I am at odds with all editors that I have used up to now. Eclipse is too inflated and slow for me, Emacs is too dry (I can use Emacs shortcuts in any other editor too), Textmate has no proper code outline view. I hope to come across the perfect editor in 2011. What other interesting technologies for us web developers are out there? Trends? Dark horses? Hints are appreciated.